Points of You Academy

Are you a corporate trainer, human resource professional, talent developer, coach, therapist, counselor, teacher, facilitator, consultant, leader, or just a human being with a curious mind?

Welcome to the world of Points of You®. In this exciting, one day workshop you will get a taste of the dynamic and versatile Points of You® methodology and tools, experience unique forms of self reflection, communication and storytelling, while adding new skills to your professional know how.

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What will you learn?

Points of You® Concept
The world of Points of You® and the way it works. Points of You® cards: Learn how to use an innovative technique of photo observation to gain new points of view. “Zooming In” with The Coaching Game Go on a speed date with your thoughts and insights. Experience a fun and easy-going process that goes surprisingly deep.

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“MyStory” with Punctum re-frames an empowering life story with the brilliance of Punctum. Layout Charts Map your thoughts and feelings with a customizable, tailor-made, one-on-one coaching tool for self-exploration.

Points of You® Method
We use innovative, fun and engaging methods and tools to facilitate meaningful discussions, reduce conflict and build bridges between people.

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A cornerstone of the Points of You® method is the interaction between the right brain — the intuitive and emotional part of the brain, and the left brain — the part that focuses on logic and critical analysis. This intriguing process occurs when we look at a photograph and a word at the same time.

The photograph stimulates the creative, right side of the brain, while the word activates the analytical left side of the brain. The simultaneous activation of both hemispheres of the brain creates a struggle between the emotional and the rational, momentarily “shorting out” the vigilant defense mechanisms of our mind. This “deliberate confusion” gives the mind a short respite from our preconceived ideas about how things “should” or “ought” to be, and allows our mind to open up to new places inside of us, shifting our points of view. Our games are based on associative links between the photograph, theme and whatever issue we have chosen to examine more closely. Each photograph depicted on the Points of You® cards was selected out of thousands of available images to achieve this one purpose — to stimulate the cognitive dissonance that arises when we see a word and image paired together, without an obvious connection between them. As a result, we intentionally create a space for personal interpretation, a personal inter-space. This unique inner motion creates new and unexpected responses, resulting in insights and emotions that are new to our minds and hearts. The Points of You® method is designed like a sine wave. At its starting point, we are wide open and exposed to many points of view regarding our chosen theme — relationships, parenting, career, health or any other issue.

After taking time to expand our points of view, it is time to be precise and focus on the most meaningful or significant insight related to our chosen issue. In the final stage, we make our insights more practical, by turning them into action plans — “tachles” — that will help us achieve our dreams. Are you ready to be inspired?


  • Live Workshop — Hello Points (6 hours) Points of You® Tools The Coaching Game (Retail Value $198) Punctum (Retail Value $92)
  • L.1 Concept Pack Workshop Booklet Notebook
  • L.1 Exclusive set of cards Goody Bag Canvas Bag CERTIFICATION BENEFITS L.1 Certificate of Attendance
  • Certification title — Points of You® Explorer Accreditation 6 CCEUs from International Coach Federation (ICF)
  • 6 PDCs from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM)

Completing the L.1 Hello Points Workshop makes you a Points of You® Explorer and eligible to move on to Level 2 of the Points of You® Academy.

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