Training Courses & Retreats

Professional Development Catalog of Courses

Time frame: 1 to 1.5 Days

Leadership effectiveness requires managers who have the ability to think strategically and to execute programs that engage employees. To maximize potential, participants will complete the assessment The Work of Leaders. This assessment will provide a foundation for self-awareness in the leadership role. This course, which can be delivered to a group or used for individual development, includes the following:

  • The Effective Use of Self
  • Leveraging Polarities
  • Relationship Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Visioning and Program Execution

The course includes blended learning: in-person participation and virtual delivery through the Adobe Coaching Lab

Time frame: 1-2 Days

Language is a primary tool for coaches. Based upon the work of Chalmers Brothers’ Language and the Pursuit of Happiness, the course helps coaches to understand the importance of framing, speech acts, and declarations.

Time frame: 1- 2 Days

This course helps participants to manage time based upon priorities and the concept of the “MIN” (Most Important Now). Participants will receive tested strategies for managing the complexities of competing priorities and the “tyranny of urgency” where everything has to be done now.

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Time frame: 2 hours to six hours

Points of You is an engaging training designed to integrate both sides of the brain. Through the use of stunning visual images, participants are invited to shift their points of view to expand perspective and awareness. It is more than a training. Participants have an experience that invites them to pause and reflect on whatever situation that may be blocking energy in a team or within the individual. Points of You in an international game that speaks to the heart.

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Time frame: 3 days
(can be adapted to an organization’s time constraints by using a blended delivery of face-to-face and online delivery)

Competent leaders are in demand. Competent leaders are the life blood of any organization or association. The complexity of today’s work place requires leaders who are self aware, forward thinking, able to adapt to shifting priorities, and who can thrive in political uncertainty. Today’s leaders are facilitators in order to maximize the energy of teams and the collective thinking of others.

Training Retreats

Retreats create a space to pause, to have the conversation with your heart that is long overdue. Tamara’s retreats rekindle the spirit and power up the passion for living the life you have imagined.

Stepping away from the day-today can be the best professional development. Tamara’s career development retreats end up being a journey into inner space. Using assessments like the Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator (MBTI), The Work of Leaders, The Leadership Challenge, and other tools to help participants deal with their own data results in expanded ideas to re-ignite stagnant careers or to move into new directions.

Career Development Retreats are held in an exquisite location near DuPont Circle. All materials are included in registration, along with lunch and refreshments. Tamara has held weekend retreats in the United States, Germany, Korea, and Japan.

“A great weekend it was for reflection and nurturing of nascent ideas. Thanks for being so welcoming and affirmative to all of us. May all your dreams…come true too!”

John Malone, Physics Educator
Seoul American High School
Seoul, Korea

Being an executive can be a lonely place. Few trust others with their fears, feelings, and dreams. Tamara has gained the confidence of executives through her thoughtful style and her own experience as the Executive Counsel for the National Education Association (retired). Her daylong executive retreats in her Reston studio has resulted in executives feeling there is always a listening and confidential ear for them.

Executive retreats are customized to meet the needs of the individual. Sometimes it’s about leadership presence. Other times it may be about finding voice and communicating strategically. Sometimes it’s about relationship management. At all times, it is about the effective use of Self.

Tamara helps executives to answer the question: “Who am I now?” One of the perplexing problems executives face in adapting to the new role is managing the relationships formed in a previous role. Tamara helps the executive to stand strong and to take connected to the heart.

These customized retreats are held in a setting that invites contemplation and exploration. At the end of the retreat executives report feelings of confidence, empowerment, and courage.

Tamara developed high-level expertise in communication at the Annenberg School of Communication at the University of Southern California. Her area of mastery is message management. She has applied her exquisite skills to training military officers at Ramstein Air Force Base (Germany) in the art and science of Managerial Communication Skills. She has also taught facilitation skills to sitting judges at the National Judicial College.

She is an eloquent keynote speaker who communicates with passion, power, and purpose. Her electric enthusiasm sparks excitement and positively impacts morale. Her story of hope and resilience touches the heart!

“ I am very appreciative that you were able to cross the water to come back to Okinawa. It was an outstanding three days of training. I especially enjoyed the DVD presentations and how you tie everything together. Maybe it was meant for you to go through your trials to help others including me to make it through ours. You gave us so much food for thought, and I do believe what was taught will be put to good use.”
Yvonne Brown, Educator
Human and Civil Rights Coordinator, Okinawa

“You have touched each of our hearts in a very special way. None of us left SAHS the same way we came on Saturday morning. But in all seriousness, I think we all left with a little different outlook, a little more tolerance toward others, a little better understanding of ourselves and what is important in our lives and a feeling that we are not alone in the circus of life. We all juggle our own elephants but now we can set priorities and boundaries and will not let those elephants weigh us down.

Tamara, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and zest for life that inspired me to reach for even higher goals. “

Janie S. Stewart, Educator
Seoul American Middle School
Seoul, Korea