Lecture Series

Tamara Smiley Hamilton is a brilliant and engaging keynote speaker and workshop facilitator. Audiences sit on the edge of their chairs connecting to her life experiences. Through spoken word, humor, and inspirational messages, she brings the voice of hope to center stage.


Living the Dream of Success

It’s all about visioning your future and designing your life


The Use of Self

Based on the frameworks of Karen Horney, Carl Rogers, Abraham Maslow and Carl Jung, take a journey into Inner Space. Discover the tools locked inside you to make a difference.


The Power of One

One person can make a difference. The challenge is: “Are we being our best selves?”


Tapping Your Personal Power

Everybody has it. Some use it. Some can’t see, touch or feel it. This workshop will unleash the creative Self to connect with other parts of being human.


My View from the Catbird Seat

Reflections on one live lived and the myriad of people, places, and phenomena experience on the journey to Self.


Words for Lunch

This workshop, using the sixty minute lunch break to share words of creative wisdom, provides employees with a refreshing break that uplifts the spirit at work.