Diversity Awareness Training

Tamara S Hamilton Diversity TrainingTamara S. Hamilton is the skillful conceptualizer and designer of Diversity Awareness Training for Adult Learners:

Some of the tools Audacious Coaching has compiled include:

  • Implicit Bias
  • Language Sensitivity
  • Empathetic Understanding
  • Language
  • Transgender/Gender Issues
  • Proven track record with success testimonies

Let us help you discuss the undiscussables about race and gender by facilitating town hall meetings and designing training that enhance employee morale and explore legal issues.

Diversity Dynamics

To expand awareness and to increase the potential that employees will embrace the learning principles in the training, they will need grounding in the Dimensions of Diversity. This will help them differentiate identities at the individual, group, and systems levels. Diversity is a dynamic concept and field of practice: shifting, changing, evolving as we see in the increase in transgender issues.

What We Offer:

• We create toolkits that develop the skill set to shift the mindset to embrace diversity and inclusion.

• We shift the mindset by exploring the roots of implicit bias and micro aggression.

• We help executives and teams talk authentically about race and differences.

• We offer an innovative training of trainers program to build internal capacity for forward movement.

• We convene crucial conversations to impact company culture.