About Diversity and Inclusion

Audacious Coaching LLC, is a professional services company providing diversity, inclusion, and implicit bias training and consulting to schools, corporations, unions, and nonprofit organizations.

Audiacious Coaching, LLC helps organizations address issues of diversity, bullying and macroaggression which many see as the new face of racism. We help workplaces be safe places by facilitating tough conversations, to discuss the undiscussables.


Toastmasters International Tamara HamiltonFounder, Tamara Hamilton:

I am equipped for the times we are experiencing today.

As a professional speaker and executive coach, I have fire in my belly to help people find their path across the deepening racial divide, especially our students. Today, I help organizations to address issues of diversity and inclusion as well as bullying, and macroaggression, which many see as the new face of racism. I try to help workplaces be safe places by facilitating tough conversations, to discuss the undiscussables. Perhaps the fires came to me early in life so that I would be unafraid to help build a bridge over turbulent waters, to intervene into tough situations, to help those in conflict see “the other.”

We are now swimming in new waters that will call on us to find those islands of grace, to reach across the pond. The key is for us not to drown but to figure out how to wade to safer ground. As I watch Latino, Asian, White, Black, and Native American middle schoolers march through the streets of San Francisco seeking “help,” the fires are burning now in their souls. They will need to swim harder and faster to safer shore.

I want to be lifeguard for them, workplaces, and for our future. Please reach out to me if I can assist your organization, group, corporation, or school to emerge through the often murky waters of diversity and inclusion.


• Wrote a diversity and inclusion implementation guide forGoodwill Industries International

• Provided workshops on diversity and strategic leadership development on military bases in Japan, Korea, and Germany

• Coached clients with diverse and international background

• Coached clients at the International Monetary Fund Family Association on dealing with diversity and career development

• Coached White House Presidential appointees representing a wide range of diversity on tapping into their personal power

• Designed and delivered diversity programs for seventeen years at the National Education Association and its affiliates nationwide.

• Convened roundtables on race and diversity for the Georgetown University coaching community

Let us help you discuss the undiscussables about diversity and inclusion by facilitating town hall meetings and designing training that enhance employee morale and explore legal issues.

SHRM Recertification Provider 2018
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