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    Don’t turn your head.

    Keep looking at the bandaged place.

    That’s where the Light enters you.


    Writers need space to write– not just in their heads. They need a space where the Light can enter. Writers also need an inviting physical space that frees the creative soul. Her writing retreats are simply phenomenal: awe-inspiring. Participants unleash their feelings, craft their stories, and share their creative spirit within a selected and intimate community.

    Writing Your Life As Story (Teleconference):



    Writing Your Life As Story creates a learning community of kindred souls seeking to unleash the life stories only they can tell. Participation is limited to seven writers because sharing is a key ingredient of the community. Using masterful writing techniques honed over a twenty year plus experience as a writing instructor for the European Division of the University of Maryland, the Claremont Colleges, The Department of Defense Dependent Schools, Occidental College and Loyola Marymount University, Tamara helps writers of all levels of experience to tell their stories.

    The course will include weekly teleconference calls from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm (EST). Course materials will be available 24/7 in the Adobe Writing Lab. Students will have access to the Adobe Writing Lab for thirty days after the class ends.

    Course Text: Your Life As Story by Tristine Rainer (optional);

    Objectives: Upon completion of the course, students will:

    • Be able to find their voice
    • Access memory through creative exercises
    • Develop a “building blocks” outline (thematic, chronological or episodic) to tell their story
    • Write about a slice of their life as story
    • Strategically access life events
    • Give and receive thoughtful reflections*
    • Develop a writing practice
    • Received recommended reading list to support memoir writing

    “I write now with the wings of the eagle soaring to new heights.”
    Soul Quake by Tamara Smiley Hamilton


    * Thoughtful reflections are written and verbal expressions of how the writing landed for you, how it may have touched a part of your life. We do not analyze writing for author’s meaning. Neither do we edit for grammatical or style improvements. We focus on the craft to support the writer’s articulation of a slice of life.