Executive Coaching

Leadership is influence. Leadership is also pain. Executive leadership is executing leadership at the highest level despite the pain and the attacks on character. It requires mastery of a myriad of competencies.  Tamara has created an executive leadership coaching program that cuts to the chase. She helps executives to lead from the inside out with keen awareness that executive leadership is not an easy path to travel. She partners with the executive to take that walk to greater clarity, to greater impact and effectiveness. With self-awareness at the core of her coaching and facilitation, she has helped executives to transition to their role, to be effective in their role, and to make a difference in the organizations they serve.

Tamara understands that leadership from the top can be an isolated place.  As a coach who has held executive leadership positions, she has the emphathetic understanding to relate to the leader’s dilemmas from relationship management to culture transformation. She helps executives to be mindful of their executive presence and their strategic communication.  She focuses on helping them to manage their image and reputation.  She believes that executives have or should have a brand–a recognizable set of principles that define who they are as evidenced by their leadership behavior.

In her previous role as the Executive Counsel of Leadership and Career Development at the National Education Association, she worked closely with the CEO on morale issues and employee engagement. Leading the organization’s Great Places to Work Initiative, she acquired deep insight into the attitude and behavior of effective executive leaders.

Tamara creates a customized executive leadership learning experience based on each individual who contracts with her in pursuit of excellence and impact.

Executive Transition and Induction

Tamara is certified in the Strategic Start process of Executive Transition and Induction. This is a multi-level process of helping an executive jump start success in the first ninety days. It involves individual and team coaching with direct reports. It also helps the new executive understand the relationship of an organization’s history and culture on its current reality.  She has executed this process with executive directors and presidents of large and mid size state associations.

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