Audacious Coaching

Leadership and the Audacious Mindset

Tamara Hamilton CoachingWe are in an era of leadership that is not for the faint of heart. In fact, leaders today must pay attention to the heart even more. This is not just a “soft” skills approach to leadership but a transformative imperative. The complexity of pressures that are imploding inside organizations are simply amazing. The collateral damage manifests itself in morale issues that morph into health issues, cloudy thinking, and dis-ease with relationship constellations. Think about all of the people within organizations who depend upon someone else for workflow to be smooth, for ideas to be integrated, for problems to be solved, to keep the organization energized.

Now think about how systems get sluggish when people issues are not addressed with care and concern. Office bullying abounds. Poor decisions impact the bottom line and the feelings of wellbeing from person to person, from unit to unit. An unhealthy workplace makes everybody in it sick—feeling unappreciated, invisible, and stressed. Leaders today, more than ever, need to lead from the inside out—know their mindset and grow into new ways of thinking about leadership.

For the organization development specialist, there is work requiring the most exquisite analytical and strategic skills. For the facilitator, the designer of interventions, creative problem solving is a core skill. For the leader, the competencies have expanded to include adaptability, flexibility, polarity thinking, resilience, and the ability to drive agenda—to really lead with an audacious mindset.

Tamara S Hamilton CoachingAn audacious mindset is having the courage to really think beyond the boundaries of the current reality to explore a desired future that not all can see right away. Visionary leadership, a core strength of the audacious mindset, embodies the courage to step out on the belief that possibilities out weight limitations.


  • Coaching for Leadership Development
  • Coaching for Career Development
  • Executive Retreats—one to two days of individualized sessions in an elegant space in the Washington DC DuPont Circle area. This is a unique offer for C suite executives and those grappling with tough leadership issues. Lunch and materials included.
  • Coaches’ Retreat—patterned off of the Executive Retreats, these are customized individual sessions for coaches who need to pause and redefine their business, reconnect with their energy, and design a blueprint for a successful coaching practice. The Coaches Retreat can be modified to accommodate two or three coaches who want to learn together and support each other’s group.

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