Coaching – Your Blueprint for Success

What Is My Approach?

I use the art and science of coaching to help clients reach their professional and personal mastery goals. I help clients design action plans (Blueprint for Success).

I use powerful questions to help client unleash blocked energy.

I meet the client where the client is and help the client to move forward towards their goals.

Clients are given practice work between sessions.

Tamara S Hamilton Diversity Training

Guiding Principles:

  • Confidentiality is a core value.
  • Coaching is provided to clients who are whole persons.
  • Client notes are taken to ensure accountability and follow-up.
  • Public speaking practice sessions are recorded on the client’s phone to ensure privacy. Sessions are private and not open for recording by either party without knowledge and permission.
  • One hundred percent of the scheduled time and attention is devoted to the client.
  • Exercise professional judgment at all times regarding client’s readiness for coaching.
  • Be mindful of and gentle with the human spirit at all times with full awareness of the whole person.
  • Do no harm.