Balancing Boulders: Strategies for Managing Stress, Time, and Priorities

“Your sacred space is where you find yourself again and again.” Joseph Campbell

If you have ever felt weighed down with too much to do, too little time, and too many people wanting a little bit more of you, this is your self-empowerment workshop! The workshop is designed with fun in mind to save you from breaking your neck, snapping a collarbone or dislocating your shoulders when you try to balance too much, to give too much. Explore the powerful questions that can open up new energy in your life. Re-discover your own personal power to balance the boulders in your life.

I created this workshop from my own successes and failures in managing my own boulders. At this stage of my life, I am more aware of the impact of making better choices about how I want to access my own personal power to live the life I have imagined and deserve. It is simply to be a whole person able to access the dynamic energy that flows through my mind, body and spirit. The results, for me, have been extraordinary and humbling. The results have inspired me to share with busy Scripps women who have great intentions but also have:

• Too much to do
• Too little time to do what matters most
• Relationship pressures (family, work, significant other)
• Interpersonal challenges
• People wanting more pieces of you: time, energy, money, support (the list can be endless)

This course helps participants to manage time based upon priorities and the concept of the “MIN” (Most Important Now). Participants will receive tested strategies for managing the complexities of competing priorities and the “tyranny of urgency” where everything has to be done now.

If you are an organizer, a team leader, a human resource professional, a person upon whom many depend: consider this course to stay healthy and whole.

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