Retreats create a space to pause, to have the conversation with your heart that is long overdue. Tamara’s retreats rekindle the spirit and power up the passion for living the life you have imagined.

“You have touched each of our hearts in a very special way.  None of us left SAHS the same way we came on Saturday morning.  But in all seriousness, I think we all left with a little different outlook, a little more tolerance toward others, a little better understanding of ourselves and what is important in our lives and a feeling that we are not alone in the circus of life.  We all juggle our own elephants but now we can set priorities and boundaries and will not let those elephants weigh us down. 

Tamara, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and zest for life that inspired me to reach for even higher goals. “

Janie S. Stewart, Educator
Seoul American Middle School
Seoul, Korea