About Tamara

Toastmasters International Tamara HamiltonCoaching is her passion. Through the use of powerful questions, Tamara holds a magical key to unlock the door to a deeper awareness of self. She helps to place the issues on the table. She serves up a healthy dose of empowerment.

Tamara completed her leadership coaching training at Georgetown University. She holds an Advanced Coaching Certificate in Leadership and Well-Being from George Mason University. She is a master at helping people to grow and transform their lives. She is a Leadership Legacy coach for George Mason University where she coaches senior directors, associate provosts, faculty and vice-presidents. Her client list includes individuals and organizations.

Tamara was one of the early pioneers who created academic majors in Black Studies. She combined a rigorous academic program with a three month filed study in West Africa, where she lived with families and was submerged in the day to day culture.

She continued her studies on race and ethnicity at Howard University where she earned a Master of Arts in African Studies and Research. She studied the literature of East, West, and South Africa to gain a grounding in the power of the oral tradition and storytelling.

Her passion for coaching and her grounding in race relations, has equipped her to support those on a journey to not only understand the history and nuances of race and differences, but to also expand their practice to talk about race in a safe space.

Her workshop “Can We Talk About Race, Bullying, and Microaggression? Strategies for Healthy Workplaces” was well received by the Fairfax County Department of Health.

Testimonial:  “She builds a community of learners who continue to grow in their journey of being more inclusive and appreciative of diversity in the workplace.” John Wilson, NEA Executive Director, Retired
SHRM Recertification Provider
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