“Tamara Hamilton has a gentle way of inspiring you to listen to others and thoughtfully contribute to the group work.  She is truly that “guide on the side” who does not manipulate or force, but who opens a conversation that can lead to new understanding.  She respects her audience, and they cannot help but return the compliment.”

Lily Eskelsen Garcia, Vice President, National Education Association

“Tamara Hamilton is an inspiring trainer, motivational speaker and enthusiast of the souls of everyday people. Her delivery embraces her listeners towards recognizing their own self-worth, while at the same time learning necessary skills that welcome new opportunities for their personal and professional growth.”
Satia Orange, Librarian/Retired Director, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services, American Library Association

“This training was presented in a manner that was refreshing! It allowed us time to reflect professionally and personally on situations that can stifle our growth.”
Jennifer Cleveland, Educator, Okinawa, North East Asia Teachers Organization

“ I am very appreciative that you were able to cross the water to come back to Okinawa.  It was an outstanding three days of training.   I especially enjoyed the DVD presentations and how you tie everything together.  Maybe it was meant for you to go through your trials to help others including me to make it through ours.  You gave us so much food for thought, and I do believe what was taught will be put to good use.”
Yvonne Brown, Educator
Human and Civil Rights Coordinator, Okinawa

“Yes, It was a great experience!!Come see us at Mendal in Yokota!!!”
Betty Ann Stinson, Educator
Yokota, Japan
Thank you for spending the day with me on Saturday.  Your presence was an enhancement to my life.  It was, by far, one of the most beneficial trainings in which I’ve had the opportunity to participate.  Those principles are portable and can be applied to every area of life.  Also, I have to thank Hamilton & Hamilton Inc!  I pray God’s choicest blessings upon your vision.  Anyone who is blessed to be a participant in your future presentations will definitely be BLESSED!

Tammy T. Smith, Educator
Misawa, Japan

“The training was excellent.  It left me a renewed sense of who I am as a leader and how to work through relaying information to others in a positive manner which is conducive to team building. I welcome the teamwork to come in the future.  Awesome class!”
Dr. Tammy Reginelli
Yokosuka Middle School
Yokosuka, Japan

“I’m so blessed to have attended your workshop this weekend.”
Sheva N. Wilkins, Educator
Seoul American Middle School
Seoul, Korea

I want to thank you again for your session. I look forward to seeing you in the very near future as a keynote speaker.
Phyllissia Allmond
Math/Science PK-3
Seoul, Korea-DSO
Note: Attended KORCOS (Korean Council of Overseas Schools) at Educators’ Day 2012

“I want to thank you for the wonderful sessions that actually started Friday and ended Saturday night.  Juggling Elephants was an encouraging and motivating session; however, I do not want to reduce the conversations, anecdotes, and insights outside that particular session to mere chatter and easily forgettable conversation.  Rather, I want to point out that there is much to be learned about leadership by talking to leaders.  I truly enjoyed getting to know the person who is the “being” part of your leader persona because what I experienced put the “doing” part of your leader persona in the proper perspective.
Also, I cannot neglect to mention that your husband’s logistical support and flexibility helped to maintain calm as we overcame some of the more technical problems.  His actions reminded me that sometimes leaders are the ones getting dirty, not always the ones getting the glory.  If I ever have the opportunity to describe a leadership team that works very well together and for others, I must talk about the two of you.
If at all possible, I would like to see you come back and continue what you started, and I am not alone in that hope.  All the comments I heard were positive, and I want to specifically point out that many were pleased that the delivery was conversational and inclusive.  There was a feeling that we were part of the training, not objects of the training.  The wisdom was in the room.
Please enjoy the last few hours of your stay in Japan (mainland), and my best wishes go out to you as you travel to Okinawa and Korea.”
Michael E. Johnson
Sixth grade teacher
Misawa, Japan

“You have touched each of our hearts in a very special way.  None of us left SAHS the same way we came on Saturday morning.  But in all seriousness, I think we all left with a little different outlook, a little more tolerance toward others, a little better understanding of ourselves and what is important in our lives and a feeling that we are not alone in the circus of life.  We all juggle our own elephants but now we can set priorities and boundaries and will not let those elephants weigh us down. 

Tamara, thanks so much for your enthusiasm and zest for life that inspired me to reach for even higher goals. “
Janie S. Stewart, Educator
Seoul American Middle School
Seoul, Korea

“We loved the class. It was such a wonderful opportunity to network and share our stories.”
Educational Technologist
Daegu American School
Seoul, Korea

I want to thank you again for your session. I look forward to seeing you in the very near future as a keynote speaker.

I am the Human Civil Rights Coordinator for Okinawa, Japan. I was looking for a speaker to come to Okinawa and present a course that teachers could receive college credit. I was told about this dynamite speaker who had presented in Germany. On those remarks, I invited Mrs. Tamara Hamilton to present in Okinawa. I found her to be an orator and a motivational speaker. She provided wonderful handouts, video, and little token gifts when we volunteered to come before the group. She is a wealth of knowledge and there was never a dull moment. Teachers said to me, “this is the best class I have ever taken.”

Yvonne H. Brown
Course facilitator

From my perspective, the hallmarks of an excellent speaker are subject matter mastery and the ability to connect with one’s audience and to engage active participation and reflection. Tamara Hamilton’s seminar presentation, Juggling Elephants, captivated me from beginning to end.

Throughout the seminar, Tamara set forth clear learning goals and mutually supportive group norm which established a creative, positive, shared learning environment where authentic and effective learning occurred. Moreover, she shared relevant personal experiences and anecdotes to highlight the myriad demands and responsibilities that impact educators daily, and presented compelling, well-researched strategies for effective time management, professional collaboration, stress management, and performance excellence. In short, it was an excellent seminar!
~Martha Washington, Educator, Okinawa

To Whom It May Concern:
 In March 2011, Tamara Hamilton came to Okinawa, Japan and taught a class on Juggling Elephants and I was a student in this class.  I would like to share with you how she has helped me deal with an ongoing problem that I had faced for 20 some years with the relationship with my family member.
 ऀJuggling Elephants taught me to reflect on me.  There are times when you should only think about yourself.  It was really me in dealing with my son. It was the way I was doing things.  I really gained a lot from taking this class.  This summer my relationship was the best it has been since he has been married, we are doing fine.  This even taught me how to communicate with people.  We think the problem is the other people but it is usually within you.

Lucy Moore, Retired Educator, Okinawa, Japan

Tamara’s conversational style of speaking and personal antidotes helped me to make meaningful connections to the topic. I felt as if I were on a personal retreat of self-discovery led by a dynamic speaker.

Barbara Green, Educator, Okinawa

My name is Jennifer Matthews and I live in Okinawa, Japan. I have had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of Ms. Tamara Hamilton’s inspirational and motivational class: Juggling Elephants for Strategic Leadership Development. It was given on March 2-4, 2012. What I liked most about the course, is that it was truly a course fit to meet one’s individual needs and gave one an opportunity to look at one’s life from within – no matter who or where you were at that exact point in your life. Also, the course was given towards the end of the school year, so many of my colleagues, to include myself, felt like this was the perfect amount of fuel and energy needed to complete the school year with a lift.

In attendance in a seminar recently held on Okinawa, Japan, I was able to partake of the listening and speaking skills of Tamara Hamilton. She wastes no words. She does not ramble, but is concise and precise getting to the heart of the matter, capturing your attention and keeping it. Her thoughts ultimately become your thoughts until the thinking in the room is as one. Her extraordinary listening skills help to further this bond between her as a speaker/leader and her receptive audience. She will not interrupt a speaker, but will listen with wisdom and then able to make a cogent response to what was said. This is noticed by everyone in the room, and so further promotes the excellent rapport that she is able to establish in every seminar that she undertakes. There is no shuffling of papers, signs of unrest, or other distractions while Tamara conducts a seminar, as all are rapt and on the edge of their seats to partake of the benefits that she has to offer. I highly recommend Tamara Smiley Hamilton for your consideration and there is no one who can equal her motivational power in a roomful of participants. She is absolutely the best. 
C Shank, Librarian, Okinawa