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Points of You

ChoiceTamara is a licensed coach who uses this international coaching game as an interactive large or small group experience.

POINTS OF YOU – The Coaching Game is a powerful tool used to generate clear, quality communication between people. We call it a game because when we play,

1) we dare to say 
things that we normally wouldn’t say, and
2) we take chances.

Moreover, the play context is a safe one, enabling each player 
to choose how actively to participate and share. 
The Coaching Game has no winners or losers, but rather 
stimulates thinking, discussion, and cooperation. It can be used 
in varying ways and adapted to various groups: individuals, professionals, and businesses.

The Improbable Dream

Be emboldened by the personal stories of the Civil Rights Movement through the eyes of a daughter who can never forget the Black Migration from the segregated south to Los Angeles in the fifties. The story of her family’s transformation as a result of a historic journey helps listeners to find inspiration from their own stories of change, struggle, and victory. It is a moving story of a father’s love for his daughter, for his family, and his heritage.

The Soul Quake Experience

Soul Quake defined: It is that knowing that you are surrounded by divine energy—energy that keeps you whole at the height of exhilaration and at the depths of despair.

Through poetry, music and storytelling, Tamara awakens the body, mind and spirit to a new way of viewing life’s transitions and transformations. She takes you on a ride you will remember for a long time.

Experience a glimpse of the Soul Quake Experience on February 9, 2015 at the Reston Community Center at Lake Anne. Tamara will read from her unpublished memoir: Diary of a Watts Princess. She explores shares her coming of age story against the backdrop of the Sixties:

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Speaking from Your Personal Power Zone

Everyone has it: a personal power zone. It is the internal button that, when tapped, can unleash dynamic energy to power up your life. Whether it is a deadline you must meet or a difficult conversation that has to take place, you need the energy to lean forward and speak with confidence and authority. This high-energy presentation gives you the ten tools for speaking power from your personal power zone.