Leadership Training

Tamara creates customized leadership training programs to meet the needs of the audience. She customizes leadership development programs for individuals who want a unique learning experience.  She is quick on her feet and easily moves into the role of facilitator to explore difficult topics and sensitive feelings that may emerge.  She understands leadership competencies and engages her clients so that they feel equipped to lead with purpose, to step into their own power.

Managing for Leadership Potential

Time frame: 1-1.5 days;  Location: Washington, DC, DuPont Circle location

Course Description

Leadership effectiveness requires managers who have the ability to think strategically and to execute programs that engage employees. To maximize potential, participants will complete the assessment The Work of Leaders.   This assessment will provide a foundation for self-awareness in the leadership role. This course, which can be delivered to a group or used for individual development, includes the following:

  • The Effective Use of Self
  • Leveraging Polarities
  • Relationship Management
  • Strategic Communication
  • Visioning and Program Execution

The course covers the leadership competencies of Knowing Yourself, Knowing the People, Knowing the Organization. The course includes blended learning: in-person participation and virtual delivery through the Adobe Coaching Lab.


“The training was excellent.  It left me a renewed sense of who I am as a leader and how to work through relaying information to others in a positive manner which is conducive to team building. I welcome the teamwork to come in the future.  Awesome class!”
Dr. Tammy Reginelli, Yokosuka Middle School – Yokosuka, Japan

“Tamara Hamilton is an inspiring trainer, motivational speaker and enthusiast of the souls of everyday people. Her delivery embraces her listeners towards recognizing their own self-worth, while at the same time learning necessary skills that welcome new opportunities for their personal and professional growth.”  Satia Orange, Librarian/Retired Director, Office for Literacy and Outreach Services, American Library Association

“This training was presented in a manner that was refreshing! It allowed us time to reflect professionally and personally on situations that can stifle our growth.”
Jennifer Cleveland, Educator, Okinawa, North East Asia Teachers Organization