Customized Executive Retreats

Being an executive can be a lonely place. Few trust others with their fears, feelings, and dreams. Tamara has gained the confidence of executives through her thoughtful style and her own experience as the Executive Counsel for the National Education Association (retired). Her daylong executive retreats in her Reston studio has resulted in executives feeling there is always a listening and confidential ear for them.

Executive retreats are customized to meet the needs of the individual. Sometimes it’s about leadership presence. Other times it may be about finding voice and communicating strategically. Sometimes it’s about relationship management.  At all times, it is about the effective use of Self.

Tamara helps executives to answer the question: “Who am I now?”  One of the perplexing problems executives face in adapting to the new role is managing the relationships formed in a previous role. Tamara helps the executive to stand strong and to take connected to the heart.

These customized retreats are held in a setting that invites contemplation and exploration. At the end of the retreat executives report feelings of confidence, empowerment, and courage.